Infiniti Solutions
Burn-In-Board :
  • Large size board up to 24� X 24�
  • Maximum Number of Layers up to 18 with PCB thickness of 0.093� to 0.125�
  • Minimum Drill size 0.006�
  • Maintaining Aspect Ratio below 10
  • Hole density: used up to 20000 holes per board.
  • Silver Epoxy filled via techniques specifically for Compression mount Sockets
  • Minimum 3mils trace width
  • Single ended Controlled Impedance (50 Ohm) and Differential Impedance (100 Ohm).
  • High speed PCB layout Traces
  • High Voltage and High current traces per IPC/JEDEC standard.

Burn-In-Board Assembly :
  • Burn in boards for many different type of burn in system
    • (MCC high power and current boards, Criteria V boards, ADEC style oven boards, MAX3/4 AHER boards)
  • Environmental stress test boards
    • (THB, HAST boards)
  • Device Evaluation board Assembly (WLCSP, Ubga, QFN,�)
  • Conformal coating, Under fill & Encapsulation
Burn-In-Board Test :
  • Flying Probe Test (For Small and Production run)
    • One Takaya 9400 series tester (For MCC board testing)
    • Two Takaya 8400 series tester
  • BT-600 Leakage Test (measures leakage)
  • Bench Test for Signal Integrity check
  • AEHR RTM test (Test device output in real time measurement (RTM). Needs active device and pattern /vector file)
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